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eVox is a collection of footwear that falls into the genre of “Streetwear” with a touch of something else. Capturing and blending genres into a unique fresh approach, the result is a hybrid shoe that is distinctly “Out of Africa”…..whilst being on trend to the the point that we are delighted to be able to call them “Out of this World”.


eVox footwear is the result of an evolution  – a combination of international flavour with homegrown uniqueness that encapsulates the worldwide trend of “Casualisation of dress code”  ,whilst we cater for the needs of  millennials and Gen Z  as fashion consumers. They want authenticity and product that enables them to stand out and feel special.



Made From Tan Nubuck


Made From Navy Oil Leather


Made From Brown/Tan Nubuck


Streetwear is about more than just clothes and footwear its become a culture it blends a diverse mix of styles from casual sportswear, military pieces, hip-hop and urban-wear influences, skate references, workwear and more.

Our Story

The “Launch Collection” of eVox footwear  is a hybrid of fashion shoe/sneaker made out of genuine leather which we have collaborated with our tanneries  to develop leathers that give our shoes a distinctive African feel……these leathers enable us to create a shoe that is unlined so they are  without doubt “Genuine Leather”.

The raw edges and cutting edge lines of eVox footwear give the collection its “ Organic Crudeness” whilst we have achieved finishes that offer luxury and comfort with “Instant wearability” ,we invite our followers to join us as we embark on a conceptual journey together by using our creativity to run amok and walk with ease.

 Enjoy the ride.

– Antoine Lailvaux

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